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User Interaction Council

Feedback from Users and the TG Science Advisory Board

  • Minutes of TeraGrid Science Advisory Board Meeting 20-21 July 2009 Indianapolis:

User Responsibility Form Adopted By TGF September 1, 2009

Extreme Scalability Working Group

  • [2] Link to project area

General User Services Coordination Working Group

US Area Director
Sergiu Sanielevici

Cross-TG Support Coordinators
Rich Raymond
R. Reddy
Dave O'Neal

RP representatives
Ray Sheppard IU
Siddharta Ghosh NCAR
Susan John NCSA
Bruce Loftis NICS
Vickie Lynch ORNL
Rich Raymond PSC
Bill Whitson Purdue
Mahidhar Tatieni SDSC
Chris Hempel TACC [
Joe Insley ANL/UC

Project Areas


This section has been moved to UFP

Service Discussions

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