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TeraGrid Group Mailing List Overview

  • Everyone please help keep these lists updated and in alpha order (especially the list owners).
  • Each list has a designated List Owner - please contact them if something needs updating.
  • It will be the List Owner's role to assure we do not experience "list creep" and to ensure completeness on a periodic basis.
TeraGrid Group Mailing List Overview
Group Name Group Definition Mailing List Name List Owner Review Date Last Review Status
GIG Area Directors TG GIG AD Group (ADs) tg-ads@teragrid.org cpeters@mcs.anl.gov Nov-09 Active
Grid Infrastructure Group (GIG) GIG-PIs, GIG ADs gig@teragrid.org cpeters@mcs.anl.gov Sep-10 Active
GIG PIs GIG Subaward PIs (GIG-PIs) gig-pis@teragrid.org cpeters@mcs.anl.gov Nov-09 Active
TeraGrid PIs ALL TeraGrid Funded Sites (GIG-PIs, RP PIs) tg-pis@teragrid.org cpeters@mcs.anl.gov Nov-09 Active
TeraGrid Forum TG-PIs, alternates, admins, NSF tg-forum@teragrid.org cpeters@mcs.anl.gov Nov-09 Active

TeraGrid Leads TG-PIs, ESC, and NSF tg-leads@teragrid.org cpeters@mcs.anl.gov May-08 Active
TeraGrid Financial Contacts TG Subaward Financial Contacts plus TG PIs tg-finance@teragrid.org cpeters@mcs.anl.gov Nov-09 Active
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