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TeraGrid Common Infrastructure Services

NOTE: I've got a working version of this page as a google doc I'm using to flush this page out. For the time being that google doc is authoriative. See me for write access. --Vwelch 20:28, 10 March 2009 (GMT)

For definitions of service classifications see Infrastructure Services Classifications. To write a page for a new service, use the Service Template.

Information Services

The TeraGrid WebPages are the "front door" for organizing public information about the TeraGrid

The TeraGrid Information Service provide a central catalog for finding software, services, and capabilities.

The TeraGrid News Service is the community alert broadcast system and provides updates on important news items.

Security Services

The MyProxy Service provides a repository for grid credentials and acts as an online CA for translating credentials

Network Services

The TeraGrid DNS Service provides namespace translation for the teragrid.org namespace

Accounting Services

The TeraGrid Usage Monitoring Service provides a control console for obtaining various analysis views on the usage data

Scheduling Services

The Cross Site Reservation Service is a webpage where resource reservation requests are made

User Services

The TeraGrid Helpdesk Service operates the infrastructure for reporting and tracking the resolution of problem reports.

The TeraGrid User Portal is a management console for users to manage their accounts and usage of the TeraGrid

TeraGrid Project Internal Infrastructure Services

Information Services

The Repo CVS Repository is the main code and configuration repository for TeraGrid software kits. It is also used for version controlled document management.

Security Services

The TeraGrid Kerberos Service provides a common TeraGrid authentication system to TeraGrid services

Network Services

The Network Configuration Tracking Service provide change tracking/control for the TeraGrid backbone network

Accounting Services

The TeraGrid Central Database (TGCDB) provides a repository for usage data and provides query interfaces for accessing that data

The Network Utilization Monitoring Service provides a repository for network instrumentation data and supports analysis of that data

TeraGrid Operations Services

The INCA Validation Service provides external validation of functional tests of TeraGrid Services

The TeraGrid Active Network Monitoring provides realtime information about network availability and performance

EMail Services provide primarily internal communications.

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