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The TeraGrid document series captures policy as well as proposals. The document series is outlined, along with TeraGrid policy and decision-making process, in TG-1. Templates for policy and proposals are provided in TG-2 and TG-3, respectively. These templates ensure that all relevant information is captured in documents and discussions.


TeraGrid Policy

Approved Policy

  • TG-1: TeraGrid Policy Management Framework
  • TG-4: TeraGrid Security Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • TG-5: TeraGrid Certificate Mgmt. and Authorization Policy
  • TG-6: TeraGrid Staff Roaming Grants Policy
  • TG-9: TeraGrid Community Software Areas
  • TG-10: TeraGrid Community Account Policy
  • TG-12: TeraGrid Logo Guidelines
  • TG-15 TeraGrid Persistent Storage Allocations Policy
  • TG-16 TeraGrid Storage Peer Review Option

Policy Drafts in Discussion

  • TGD-7: Draft TGD-7 - Integrate New RP
  • TGD-13: Draft TGD - Privacy Policy (still in initial draft)
  • TGD-14: Draft TGD - User Access Policy (still in initial draft)
  • TGD-17: Draft TGD - Recommended and Available Allocations Reconciliation

Historical Drafts (not implemented)

TeraGrid Internal Proposals

Many internal proposals begin life as reports from Requirements Analysis Teams (RATs).

TeraGrid Informational Documents

  • TG-2: TeraGrid Policy Doc Template and Required Information
  • TG-3: TeraGrid Internal Proposal Template and Required Info
  • TG-8: CUAC Report, September 2006
  • TG-11: TeraGrid PVFS2 Best Practices

Other References

Below are references cited by TeraGrid documents, included here for convenience.

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