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TeraGrid Client Toolkit


TeraGrid resources provide a variety of services, such as data movement and computational job execution. Accessing many of these services requires the use of specialized client programs.

These client programs are installed at the various TeraGrid resource provider (RP) sites. Thus, one way for a TeraGrid user to gain access to these programs is to first remotely log into an RP site using a site- specific username and password.

However, it is in many cases advantageous to have the client programs available on a local resource, like a campus workstation or even your laptop. Installing and configuring this software by hand, though, can be a daunting exercise. The TeraGrid Client Toolkit (TCT) has been developed so that you can instead follow a simple installation procedure to make a handful of TeraGrid client tools available.

Benefits of having TeraGrid client tools installed locally include:

  • Using TeraGrid's single sign-on mechanism, all TeraGrid resources can be accessed with a single username / password pair.
  • Many TeraGrid use cases can be accomplished without the extra step of logging into an RP site first.
  • With locally installed client tools, it becomes easier to coordinate actions across multiple RP sites or between TeraGrid and non-TeraGrid resources.


The TCT is currently available for early adopters. It can be downloaded here. The distribution includes a README describing the toolkit's installation and use. The TCT has thus far been tested on a handful of x86 and AMD64 Linux platforms and on x86 Max OS X 10.4 and 10.5.


If you decide to try out the TCT, please let us know what you think. The distibution is currently maintained by The VDT Project at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

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