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Key Dates

Legend: (SP)=Sharepoint

Due Date OwnerTaskStatus
Feb 08 AR Oversite Team AR Structures Setup & Distribute: Templates, Sharepoint 100%
Feb 21 RPs deadline for contributions to SP 100%
Feb 27 ADs/Mary/Matt/JohnT/Dennis deadline for integrated contributions to SP 100%
Feb 28 Carolyn assemble 1 MSWord document to SP/Dennis/Matt/JohnT 100%
Feb 29-Mar 03 Dennis/Matt/JohnT high level massaging of document to Carolyn/SP/RPF/ESC/GIG-PI 100%
Mar 04 AM Carolyn distribute electronically (no prints done in advance) for QuarterlyMtg attendees 100%
Mar 05 EOD RPF/ESC/GIG-PI revision requests to Carolyn/Dennis/Matt/JohnT 100%
Mar 06 EOD QuarterlyMtg revision requests to Carolyn/Dennis/Matt/JohnT 100%
Mar 07 Carolyn/Dennis/Matt/JohnT review/approve/decline revision requests 100%
Mar 10 EOD Carolyn/RPs convert to Adobe and Submit to NSF via Fastlane 100%
Mar 31 Carolyn Submit Request for Binder Print (for NSF Review, PIs, Requestors) 100%
Apr 14 TG2NSF presenters (TBD) Preliminary meetings in Arlington, VA 100%
Apr 15-17 TG2NSF presenters (TBD) NSF Review in Arlington, VA 100%

AR Team Structure

Oversite Team

  • John Towns (NCSA) <>
  • Nancy Wilkins-Diehr (SDSC) <>
  • Matt Heinzel (UC/ANL) <>
  • Bob Stock (PSC) <> proxy for Ralph Roskies (PSC) <>
  • Dave Hart (SDSC) <>
  • Mary McIlvain (ANL)<>
  • Carolyn Peters (ANL)<>
  • Dennis Gannon (Indiana) <>
  • Charlie Catlett, (ANL)<>

AR RP Leads Team (designated by the RP-PI)

( in cases where RP-PI did not respond by time of this writing, the RP-PI became the default Lead)

Institution RP-Lead(s)E-MailPhone1Phone2
Caltech Julian Bunn phone1 phone2
Indiana-RP Craig Stewart 812 855-4240 phone2
LONI-LSU (1 of 2) Charlie McMahon 225-578-4956 phone2
LONI-LSU (2 of 2) Daniel S. Katz 225-578-2750 (office) 225-202-2165 (cell)
NICS-UTenn Phil Andrews (865)241-0080 (office) (865)604-4364 (cell)
NCAR (1 of 2) Rich Loft (303)497-1262 phone2
NCAR (2 of 2) Brian Bivert 303-497-1249 phone2
NCSA John Towns 217-244-3228 phone2
NCSA Tim Cockerill unknown phone2
NIU Nicholas Karonis (630) 802-0991 phone2
ORNL John W. Cobb 865.576.5439 phone2
PSC Bob Stock 412-268-6351 phone2
Purdue Carol Song carolxsong at 765-496-7467 phone2
SDSC Mark Sheddon (858) 534-5130 phone2
TACC Chris Hempel, 512-475-9479 phone2
UC-ANL Mike Papka 630-252-1556 phone2
UCSB Rich Wolski phone1 phone2
UNC(RENCI) John McGee 919-445-9652 phone2
USC Carl Kesselman 310-448-9338 phone2
UWisc Miron Livny 608-262-0856 phone2

Meeting Agenda/Notes

Regular Meeting Schedule

  • Weekly Oversite Team Meeting, Monday's, 11AM CST; Next Mtg: 3/3
  • Weekly Wheels plus Oversite Team Meeting, Wednesday's; Next Mtg: February only?
    • Wheels Only 10:30 -11:30 CST, Wheels+AR Oversite Team 11:30 - 12:30 CST);
    • For month of February but usefulness should dictate more or less

Meeting Agendas and Notes

Reference Documents (static documents only please)

Usage: This area designated for items that are not intended to change. We will use SharePoint for that purpose.

NSF Guidance

2007 Annual Report & Review Report 2007

PY3 Project Schedule (Sept2007 - most recent version sent to NSF)

PY3 Project Schedule (Dec2007 - most recent INTERNAL version)

CY2007 Quarterly Reports

Other Helpful Items

Document Templates and Process

Note: General agreement to use 11pt New Times Roman font for the report. Also there seems to be general agreement to use first person plural for the narratives (e.g. "we")understanding that there will be many cases where we will need to be more explicit and use actual site names.

  • AR Document Template

Usage: Please note this copy for reference purposes only - writers please use Sharepoint system to deposit contributions - see below for Sharepoint link and how to..

    • Current Version (Last Update: Monday, 2/18, 7:30pm CST MTM): ReportBody_20080218v1
      • 2/18 Status: Recent chgs to template impact most everyone
      • What's changed since the last Version: ReportBody_20080217v1-jt
      • Change tracking will show you the differences between the new current version and the last version prior.
    • 2/17 Version (Last Update: Sunday, 2/17, 3:00pm CST MTM): ReportBody_20080217v1
      • 2/17 Status: Recent chgs to template impact Matt(sect8), Tony(sect3), RPs(sect3,8)
      • What's changed since the last Version (Last Update: Saturday, 2/16, *:30am CST JT): ReportBody_20080216v1-jt
      • Change tracking will show you the differences between the new current version and the last version prior.
    • 2/15 Version (Last Update: Friday, 2/15, 10:30am CST MTM): ReportBody_20080215v1
      • 2/15 Status: Recent chgs to template impact JohnT, Matt, Sergiu, Tony, RPs
      • What's changed since the last Version (Last Update: Friday, 2/15, 10:30am CST JT): ReportBody_20080215v1-jt
      • Change tracking will show you the differences between the new current version and the last version prior.
    • Previous versions


Sharepoint Status

  • Status as of 2/13/08
    • 1) Accounts established as of 1/30/2008: here
    • 2) Accounts established 2/8/08 for: RP Team leads, Others?
    • 3) Everyone with accounts to test login and change password ASAP
    • 4) Sharepoint Access URL:
    • 5) Sharepoint Directory Structure Setup: completed 2/10/08
    • 6) Salary Information Management Plan determined - JohnT will vet with RPF 2/14

Sharepoint - How to...?


If your email address is: smith@bozo.circus Your username is: ad\smith

Passwords were distributed under separate cover. It is critical for security purposes that you change your password to something unique after your first login

Change Password


Domain: ad

Account: <your e-mail name sans @...>

Security requires that the password be at least 10 characters long, and have three out of four of Uppercase, Lowercase, Number,and Special character. I would advise against using spaces, or Unicode characters (alt-###) since different browsers might handle them incorrectly.

User Profile Updates

You can update your user profile without any changes in permissions. To do so, click on the "My Site" link next to the "Welcome <your name>" item in the upper right corner. If you've never done it before, it will create a "My Site" page for you. Once that's done there will be links to let you change things like their bio, picture, and some other stuff. Some of the settings are pulled from your system accounts, and the SP ADMIN must change them for you (work phone, office, department, work email). For these types of updates please contact Michael Gates (SDSC)

Note: The information put in is only viewable by people with Sharepoint logins, and not viewable by the general public.

Getting Started

Note: Safari does not work well with Sharepoint (use Firefox instead)

  • Suggested approach:
    • 1) Have a printed/soft copy of the entire Template (see above) for reference purposes (will help provide context)
    • 2) Login: read announcements and task details on this page
    • 3) Go to left margin and single-click on "View all Site Content". This will present a nice view of all the major breakouts of document sections a.k.a Document Libraries" per SharePoint.
    • 4) RPs: notice the ITEM column of this view - any listing with 13+ items implies that it contains a submission subfolder for each RP site. Go to each of these Document Libraries. Make a copy of the section template into your RP folder. Make updates to your copy per the instructions embedded in each section template.
    • 5) ADs/GIG: notice the names at the end of each Document Library; this indicates the designated owner for this section; if there are RP folders (e.g. 13+ items), this indicates responsibility for rollup and summary of this information. Make a copy of the section template into the GIG folder, perform your updates there per instructions embedded in template.
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