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Post your slides for others to use, or visit here to enhance your next presentation.


Hand-outs, Flyers, and related Materials for Outreach

Downloadable documents for use during outreach include:

TeraGrid Slide Deck: For general use

If you notice any content that is in need of an update, please include your thoughts on the associated "Comments and Talking Points" wiki page. Make sure your comments correspond to the numbered slides. When you add comments, please also send an email to Daphne Siefert-Herron at: dsiefert@indiana.edu to let her know that updates have been added.

EOT TeraGrid Slide Deck

Comments and Talking Points

Historical documents

Science Gateway Talks

http://www.teragridforum.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=Science_Gateways#Recent_Gateway_Presentations - Link to all Science Gateway talks.

Upcoming Conferences - for planning for additional outreach events

The EOT Calendar is available in Calendar Format

The EOT Calendar is available in Agenda Format.

Information on planning for other outreach events including professional society meetings is available at http://www.teragridforum.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=Outreach_events

If you are planning an outreach effort, please share it with us

Conferences attended in 2010

Conferences attended in 2009

Conferences attended in 2008

Conferences attended in 2007

Conferences and workshops in 2006

Specific Topics and Events

TG06 Teragrid Institute (User intro tutorial) Slides

TG07 Teragrid Institute (User intro tutorial) Slides

TG09: Slides for the tutorial "Preparing Your Application for TeraGrid Beyond 2010"

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