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The GIG Software Integration team provides a coordinated, integrated set of software to the TeraGrid community for use in building TeraGrid resources and services and for use in developing applications that use TeraGrid resources and services. The high-level activities of the software integration team include:

  • Collecting and organizing requirements from TeraGrid users and staff
  • Identifying and designing capabilities that satisfy user and staff needs
  • Implementing capabilities using existing software when possible and new software if necessary
  • Integrate capabilities with existing TeraGrid software and systems
  • Coordinate the deployment of TeraGrid resource capabilities with the Software WG, User Services, Operations, and other Working Groups.

Software Integration Activities

Software Integration Server Operations

CTSS: Coordinated TeraGrid Software and Services

The TeraGrid community has identified a number of system capabilities and services that are useful to the community and that require coordination across multiple resources to be useful. The Coordinated TeraGrid Software and Services (CTSS) defines, documents, and implements these capabilities. Requirements analysis teams (RATs), areas, and working groups contribute to the requirements, designs, implementations, and deployments of CTSS capabilities.

For details and resources, see CTSS - Coordinated TeraGrid Software and Services.

Software Packaging

RPs obtain a significant subset of CTSS software from software providers and other non-TeraGrid distribution channels.

CTSS software that is distributed by the TeraGrid, is built and packaged by the Software Integration team.

Packaging and installation improvement ideas (2011)

From Victor, 2/23/2011

From: "Hazlewood, Victor Gene" <>
Date: February 23, 2011 12:43:08 PM CST
To: JP Navarro <>
Cc: software-wg Group <>
Subject: RE: [Software-wg] CTSS deployment improvement suggestions
  • Standardize component documentation files, use HTML instead of text

From Troy, 2/23/2011

From: Troy Baer <>
Date: February 23, 2011 10:35:37 AM CST
To: JP Navarro <>, Lee Liming <>
Cc: Victor Gene Hazlewood <>
Subject: Re: [Software-wg] CTSS deployment improvement suggestions
  • Make it easier to advertise a software or service component thru multiple capability kits
  • Distribute and support Modules Local HPC software publishing adaptor
  • Communicate more clearly that SI needs to be notified about new kit and platform deployment plans
  • Keep capability kit definitions and implementation up-to-date, review them every 12-18 months
  • Update all kit implementations for Modules
  • Expand Science Workflow kit to include a batch scheduler based job dependency implementation (Troy and Scheduling WG)
  • Viz kit and Chromium may need reviewing

From Victor, 2/23/2011

From: "Hazlewood, Victor Gene" <>
Date: February 23, 2011 10:45:10 AM CST
To: JP Navarro <>
Cc: software-wg Group <>
Subject: RE: [Software-wg] CTSS deployment improvement suggestions
  • Discuss coordinated deployment process with the software-wg
    • consider off week or special working sessions
    • do some deployments need more coordination?
    • should we improve the up-to-date log of outstanding RP deployments, include fixes?

Build & Test

The NMI Build & Test System is a distributed, multi-platform framework designed to provide automated software building and testing capabilities to a variety of grid computing projects. This system has been deployed internationaly on several grids. It was developed and is supported by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Starting with CTSS 4 the TeraGrid is using the NMI Build & Test System to build binaries it distributes.

NMI Build & Test Home

TeraGrid NMI Build & Test Web Interface

Build and Test Server Deployment

Information Services

The TeraGrid's Integrated Information Service aims to create an index or registry of TeraGrid community capabilities. This registry is creating by aggregating information from service providers and other information systems and is published thru software interfaces for use by user facing systems (User Portal and User Documentation), by operational systems (INCA), and by gateways, developers, and advanced users.

Special Projects

TeraGrid Client

TeraGrid Client Software

Application Hosting Prototype

In the GIG's Project Year 3, we are forming a partnership with a small number of resource providers and TeraGrid user teams to develop an Application Hosting Prototype. This prototype will demonstrate how customized services for TeraGrid users can be hosted on TeraGrid resources with minimal help by the resource provider staff. This is not a CTSS capability now, but assuming the prototype is successful, we plan to pursue offering it as a CTSS capability in subsequent project years.

Earlier work in the software integration area resulted in a summary of requirements and technical capabilities for this area.

Software Integration References

Information about the Software Integration area:

Information about TeraGrid compute resources:

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