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Ernest N. Moriale Convention Center, November 15-18, 2010

Booth Design/Coordination (20X30) Booth number 1613

  • Freeman - furniture, carpet, etc.
  • Riha Designs - structure, design, large graphic printing, etc.
  • Carlton Bruett Design - graphic design
  • Ace Graphics -
  • Argonne Media Services - Mary Jo Koebl - small poster printing

Giveaway: TeraGrid flip flops

Each RP will get the 3-sided pylon to display TeraGrid posters.

Here's what we did in the past:

Pylon specs:

SC'10 Show Floor Map with TeraGrid Sites

SC'10 Show Slides-50" screen

SC'10 Vis Slides-Overhead Screen

ER Recap--lessons learned

Images to consider for booth posters, etc (Carlton)

Slides with booth layout, ER planning

SC'10 Booth Staffing Schedule

SC'10 List of Posters Requested from RPs

TeraGrid and RP Booth Engagement Activity

SC10 TG-related presentations (RP booths and elsewhere)

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