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Portland Convention Center, November 16-20, 2009

Booth Design/Coordination (20X20)

Riha Designs - Duane Glossa
Carlton Bruett Design
Ace Graphics - Jason Hinkle
Giveaway: Tangle Hub (from TG'09)
Argonne Media Services - Mary Jo Koebl
Tree Towns Reprographics - Alan Kay

Each RP will get the 3-sided pylon to display TeraGrid posters.

Here's what we did last year:

Pylon specs:

SC'09 Show Floor Map with TeraGrid Sites

TeraGrid booth slides for SC09

TeraGrid Vis slides for SC09

SC'09 Booth Staffing Schedule

SC'09 List of Posters Requested from RPs

A conference room will be available at the Crowne Plaza, Mon-Thurs, 8 am-6 pm, conference style seating for 12. Contact Carolyn to schedule.

Crowne Plaza Meeting Room Schedule

TeraGrid and RP Booth Engagement Activity: TeraGrid GREEN TEAM MVP Trading Cards!

TG-related presentations (RP booths and elsewhere)

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