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TeraGrid Resource Providers work with the GIG through the RP Forum (RPF), a coordinating body comprised of one representative from each Resource Provider (generally the principal investigator) as well as the GIG director.

The RPF provides for coordination and collaboration regarding operational and policy issues common to RPs, GIG services, and functions of the GIG including policy, technical approaches and roadmaps. The RPF convenes as appropriate via distributed communication mechanisms (e.g. Access Grid, teleconferences, email) and meets in-person as part of the quarterly project management meetings.

See also TG-1 and Governance.

RPF Wiki Section

The RPF section of the wiki has a restricted access status. This means that only users added to an RPF group can access this part of the wiki. To be added to the group, contact Tim Dudek.

The RPF Wiki section is located at Resource Provider Forum: RPF Main Page.

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