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The mission of TeraGrid Pathways is to "scope, build, document, and evaluate extensible, scalable, and comprehensive pathways to Terascale/Petascale research, scholarship, education, and innovation that will assist faculty and students associated with under-served institutions to effectively utilize the TeraGrid resources and services to support their research, scholarship, and learning." [1]

TeraGrid Pathways is achieving this mission by engaging in four focused Activities:

  1. Outreach
  2. Building Human Capacity
  3. Science Gateways for Education
  4. Evaluation


Scope of Work

The scope of work for the Pathways project encompasses four areas. These are Outreach, Building Human Capacity, Science Gateways, and Evaluation.

Statement of Work

Outreach Planning

Leaders: Diane Baxter and Jeff Sale

Criteria for selecting outreach sites/meetings
  • Campuses
  • Professional Societies/Conferences
  • Content - what should TG be presenting at the Outreach events?
  • Commitments
    • Jeff will be attending:
      • TeraGrid 08
      • SACNAS 2008
      • SC08
      • Would like to attend AGU 2008, no confirmed support for this yet
  • Follow-up - how will TG follow up the contacts that are made at Outreach events?


  • Leader email: dbaxter AT sdsc DOT edu, jsale AT sdsc DOT edu
  • Subgroup concall: TBD

Notes page for Outreach work
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Building Human Capacity

Building Human Capacity contains three main areas of focus: New User Support, Mentoring, and the Fellowship program

New User Support

Leaders: Sergiu Sanielevici and Jay Alameda

  • Application Process ("DACs Primer")
  • Welcome to TG/Getting Started
  • Follow-up


  • Leader email: sergiu AT psc DOT edu, jalameda AT ncsa DOT uiuc DOT edu
  • Subgroup concall: TBD

Notes page for New User Support work


Leader: Kay Hunt

Goals and Objectives

Broaden participation in TeraGrid and HPC. Engage students and researchers to apply TeraGrid/HPC resource for enhancing their research.

Protégé Objective: Establish a professional working relationship with a mentor to:

  • Perform research using TeraGrid/HPC resources;
  • Become a TeraGrid user;
  • Attend training events and conferences, including TeraGrid and SC.
  • Regularly communicate with their mentor. Possibly meet their mentor at TeraGrid, SC, or other conferences.
  • Commit at least 1 hour per week.

Mentor Objective: Establish a professional working relationship with a protégé to:

  • Encourage, motivate, and teach a protégé to apply TeraGrid/HPC resources;
  • Assess protégé’s interests and barrier/impediment issues related to participating in computing & STEM.
  • Help a protégé get, or provide, a TeraGrid allocation/account;
  • Assist a protégé to prepare, write, and/or publish his/her work;
  • Regularly communicate with their protégé. Possibly meet their protégé at TeraGrid, SC, or other conferences.
  • Commit at least 1 hour per week.

Sign me up!

Send potential mentors or proteges one of the survey URLs below:

Current Proteges and Mentors

March 16, 2010: will post list ASAP

Project Resources

  1. Personnel
    • Intended primarily as a volunteer program
  2. Mentors and Proteges
  3. Contact:
  • Leader email: kay AT purdue DOT edu

Notes page for Mentoring work


Leader: Edee Wiziecki

  • Structure
    • Criteria for selecting Fellowship recipients
    • 10-15 Fellowships, depending on applicant pool
    • Goal: TeraGrid Immersion, achieving time release from other commitments is important
    • R1s excluded
  • Application Process
  • Selection, Notification
  • Logistics
  • Follow up, Outcomes


  • Leader email: edeew AT ncsa DOT uiuc DOT edu
  • Subgroup concall: TBD

Notes page for Fellowship work
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Science Gateways

Leader: Nancy Wilkins-Diehr


  • Create/Facilitate a prototype science gateway that demonstrates what TeraGrid thinks an educational gateway would look like
  • Selection Criteria

CReSIS - Polar Grid Gateway (Elizabeth City State University, NC)

  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Follow up

8/20/08 update

- goal is to help underrepresented communities to learn how to build gateways
- Building on existing IU-ECSU PolarGrid collaboration
- Plan to develop something ECSU needs for the PolarGrid project and teach students how to do this at the same time
- SOW written by IU, Nancy has reviewed and provided feedback
- covers 6 months at .25 FTE, work could start right away

GEON - The Geosciences Network (Navajo Technical College)


  • Leader email: wilkinsn AT sdsc DOT edu
  • Subgroup concall: TBD

At Scott Lathrop's initiation, a conversation was started with Nora Sabelli and the SRI team. The goal as stated in the post-review Pathways proposal is to expand the usefulness of TeraGrid gateways to educators by working with one gateway as a prototype and developing lessons learned documentation for others.

In a late April telephone discussion including SRI, Scott and Nancy the group decided to focus on the community college level for this activity. The thinking was that we could avoid K-12 curricula restrictions while addressing the needs of under-representing communities that often make use of community colleges.

Nancy completed an analysis of the 29 TeraGrid gateways listed at looking for which might be most applicable to an education focus sent the following to Nora Sabelli and Scott.

"We could really work with just about any gateway on the list.  
I was looking for ones where there wasn't a previous substantial TeraGrid investment,
 ones that weren't already being used by professors to teach courses and ones where I 
thought the domain area could be amenable to the community college level."

As a result of this on 4/22/08 Nora replied:

"GEON is excellent because it is a topic of great interest to Native Americas, 
and there are two NSF funded geoscientists working with Native American education. 
We could even involve Tom Davis in the development.

The social science gateway (at Chicago) will be ideal for LIFE's planned work with 
sharing databases for research and for the preparation of interdisciplinary 
learning scientists. We could do this independently, perhaps.

I will have later today a draft of possible activities."

As a result of this analysis, identified, continuing interest by Navajo Technical College and the identification of an NSF program for Native Americans in the geosciences, we decided to move forward with GEON.

  • 4/24/08 telecon with GEON, SRI, Scott, Nancy to discuss activities
  • 5/12/08 telecon with all of the above and Tom Davis of Navajo Tech

8/20/08 Update

- Navajo Tech and SRI developers attended the GEON summer institute, 8/11-15
- NTC and SRI folks exposed to the range of capabilities of GEON, could do some serious thinking about how to adapt the gateway for use in an education setting
- had several long conversations about what, specifically to pursue
- additional work required to expand interest from educators in altering their curricula
- trip to NTC planned for September
- may pursue alternate activities
   - use of GIS gateway (GISolve) in network planning of interest to NTC IT folks, student involvement in this work
   - use of GEON in classroom from a different academic community identified by SRI
- talks still underway exploring these two options.

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Leader: Lecia Barker

  • Baseline
  • Process
  • Interim Reporting
  • Follow up

Case Studies

  • Personnel
Laura McGinnis and Shawn Brown


  • NSF (TBD)
  • TG Arch meetings


  • Leader email: lecia DOT j DOT barker AT Colorado DOT edu
  • Subgroup concall: TBD

Notes page for Evaluation

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Leader: Laura McGinnis

Pathways Logo


Download-able file

Outreach Events Sign-Up Sheet

Can be viewed and downloaded here

Website Draft

Here are MSWord docs that have the content for the Pathways pages that should go on the TeraGrid website. They will link from Indentations show how the page heirarchy will flow.

Agendas and Notes

Notes 6-May

Notes 23-May

Notes 11-Jun (TG '08)

Notes 20-Jun

Notes 27-Jun

Notes 11-Jul

Notes 28-Jul

Notes 04-Aug

Notes 18-Aug

Notes 8-Sep


  • Wiki
Table of Contents
  • Mailing List(s)
eot-pbptg at TG
  • Concalls
Call-in information:

Primary Dial-In: 1 (866) 628-8006
Alternate Dial-In: 1 (630) 693-2122
Enter Passcode: 9641250#



  • Leader email: lfm AT psc DOT edu


  • TG08
  • SC08: TG and/or Resource Provider spaces
  • Others?


Pathways Project History

  • The Start of Pathways: "EOT Supplement - Pathways for Broadening Participation in TeraGrid"
Previous planning page for the EOT Supplement (includes NSF proposal and justification as well as planning notes)
  • Project Name
The Naming of Projects " a difficult matter, It isn't just one of your holiday games..."
The group has settled on the name Pathways for this project. Details of the discussion are available in the mailing list. The rationale and brainstorm list are in wiki archives here.
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