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This page is a collection point for a list of questions, content, and discussion for the populating the TeraGrid KB. You may also send ideas to and we will record them there. You can view current documents in the repository in the TeraGrid KB.

KB Project Information

Suggestions for identifying possible content:

  • Think locally. What would help you support users of your site?
  • What do you wish you had at your finger tips to send to users in response to common questions?
  • Do you already have FAQs or canned answers you use?
  • Do you have a collection of sticky notes or scrawls in a notebook you have to search through for that script or tidbit of information you always seem to need?
  • Think about sharing scripts that can be cut and pasted by users or yourself.
  • Check out what others have suggested for their site. Is it something that could also apply with modification at your site?
  • Check documents currently in the KB at the link above for ideas.

Suggested Questions + Answers + Discussion

Place your suggested KB article topics here:


  • How do I manage my allocation (PIs only)? from -pb
    • Source info is SDSC only; link to TeraGrid Add User Form is broken; but still a valid qline (if we can find the info) - pb
  • How to access NCAR resources (and other sites), including links to the main TG access section (Single Sign-On) as well as to the individual site pages. We are trying to promote Single Sign-On as much as possible. = Diana (SDSC)


  • How can I compare queues on the various TeraGrid resources? (bqueue on portal, links to RP sites & User Info page--to be created)
  • Information about development of meta-scheduling capabilities on the TeraGrid
  • How do I monitor software and hardware availability on the TeraGrid? (Using Inca) = Diane/Kate (SDSC)
  • Why won't my job run? (Using Inca) = Diane/Kate (SDSC)

Data transfer




Portal Services

  • How do I update my profile on the TeraGrid User Portal? -pb
    • In Draft, because user portal temporarily unavailable 10/30/07.
    • Sent mail 10/31/07 to Maytal and Michael Shapiro: "Is the profile update form still a work in progress, or am I missing it somehow? Is there an alternate method one can use to update/change profile that I can add to this document? Or, should I keep the document in DRAFT for now till further progress is made toward implementing the profile update form?"
    • Michael replied by forwarding to "Portal Folks" (Mike Dwyer, Steve Quinn, and David Hart)


Internal info

  • TeraGrid IRC Account
    • No (?) Tony Rimovsky says he knows of no one using it.
  • How do I get added to a mailing list for TeraGrid work group?
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