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TeraGrid features both a GIG and a set of resource providers acting as a team. The GIG PI is overall director, working closely with the RP PIs (via the Resource Provider Forum) and an Executive Steering Committee (ESC) comprises technical leaders from the project. The GIG is responsible for overall TeraGrid software and services architecture, working closely with TeraGrid Resource Providers (RPs) who implement and support resources and services. The TeraGrid construction project laid a foundation of process and technology involving a common software environment, a set of coordinated middleware capabilities (such as data movement, universal login, and distributed accounting and account management), and operational policy.

The Cyberinfrastructure User Advisory Committee (CUAC) advises the TeraGrid team, through interactions with GIG and RP management.

A set of working groups (WGs) coordinate services in major areas of the project. In 2005 we initiated a complementary structure for requirements analysis teams (RATs) where a small number of experts work together over 6-10 weeks to understand a set of specific requirements challenges, investigate solutions, and recommend a course of action. A GIG management team provides oversight and management input to each WG or RAT. Working groups typically hold weekly or biweekly teleconference calls and hold workshops 1-2 times annually.

Weekly all-partners Access Grid meetings provide updates and cross fertilization among TeraGrid partner sites (GIG and RPs), WGs, and RATs, covering both general updates and in-depth status review of one of the GIG areas (on a monthly cycle). There are also in-depth technical briefings on projects or recommendations of interest to the entire team. The GIG management team meets weekly via Access Grid, reviewing project plans, working group and RAT progress and recommendations, and policy.

A detailed description of TeraGrid governance and policy-making, along relevant NSF directives and proposals, is found in TG-1.

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