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The TeraGrid Grid Infrastructure Group (GIG) is responsible for TeraGrid coordination, overall architecture, planning, software integration, and operations. The GIG manages operational processes and improvement projects.


Software Integration and Information Services

The Software Integration and Information Services team is responsible for providing a coordinated, integrated set of software to the TeraGrid community for use in building TeraGrid resources and services and for use in developing applications that use TeraGrid resources and services.


  • Change Control to TeraGrid Kits and service definitions


  • CTSSv3 Deployment
  • CTSSv4 Deployment
  • Production Deployment of MDS4 (Phase 1 - Gaither, Phase 2 - Navarro)

Data, Visualization, and Scheduling

The Data, Visualization and Scheduling area is responsible for coordinating the TeraGrid data services, visualization services and scheduling capabilities.



Science Gateways

Science Gateways signal a paradigm shift from traditional high performance computing use. Gateways enable entire communities of users associated with a common scientific goal to use national resources through a common interface. Science gateways are enabled by a community allocation whose goal is to delegate account management, accounting, certificates management, and user support to the gateway developers.



User Services

The User Services team coordinates the user consulting and documentation efforts across the TeraGrid.



Education, Outreach, and Training and Communication and Dissemination

The Education, Outreach, and Training (EOT) team coordinates education, outreach and training activities in TeraGrid.


  • TeraGrid Speaker's Bureau
  • TeraGrid Annual Meeting


  • Campus Partnership Program Definition (Lathrop/Bertoline)

Network, Operations and Security

The Network team provides the TeraGrid backbone network and manages its operation. The Operations team provides operational monitoring of all TeraGrid Infrastructure Services (usinging INCA and other tools), and operates the TeraGrid Operations Center. The Security team provides operational security support (security review and evaluations) and incident response coordination.



  • TeraGrid Service Instrumentation
  • TeraGrid Account Management Upgrade
  • Attribute Based Authentication Testbed (Welch)

User Facing Projects

Advanced User Support

The role of the Advanced User Support (AUS) team is to coordinate and focus advanced support for TeraGrid users. Targeted advanced support is provided to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of scientists and engineers using TeraGrid’s resources. These include porting applications to new resources, implementing algorithmic enhancements, improving the scalability of codes to higher processor counts, optimizing codes to efficiently utilize specific resources, and providing visualization, workflow and data analysis/transfer expertise to the user community.

Three main catogories of advanced support include:

  • Advanced Support for TeraGrid Applications (ASTA)
  • Advanced Support for Projects (ASP)
  • Advanced Support for EOT (ASEOT)

TeraGrid GIG Director's Office

The TeraGrid GIG Director's Office provides overall program coordination and logistical support

  • Area: TeraGrid Project-wide Coordination
    • TeraGrid Forum Chair
    • TeraGrid Project Events
    • Program Coordination & Sponsor Reporting
    • Project Management
    • Science Coordination
  • Area: Management, Finance, Administration
    • TeraGrid GIG Director
    • Deputy Director to GIG Director
    • Director of Education, Outreach and Training
    • TeraGrid Director of Science
    • GIG Directorate Admin Support
    • Financial Management
    • Advisory
    • Public Relations
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