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Education, Outreach and Training working group materials


document - draft of metrics for discussion purposes


Materials related to Evaluation of EOT activities are accessible from this page.

PY5 Annual Review

draft slides for PY5 annual review

Notes from EOT calls





Workforce Development White Paper

workforce development

EOT Highlights

2009 EOT Document

Collection of EOT Highlights stories

Summer Workshops

2011 Summer Workshops

K-12 Education

In this section there are notes from discussions about how to raise the level of awareness and engagement by K-12 leaders across the country to effect large-scale integration of computational science into the curriculum.

K-12 leadership


A list of potential outreach events at which TeraGrid should consider having a presence, or is already planning to have a presence. The goal is to help coordinate the outreach.

Presentations from outreach events are posted at http://www.teragridforum.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=Speakers_Bureau

HPC University

HPC Training and Education Report - 2009

Training Implementation

The HPC University is the TeraGrid umbrella for providing education and training to the community.

An HPC RAT (High-Performance Computing Requirements Analysis Team) was conducted. Further information including the final report is available at the RATs page: http://www.teragridforum.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=RATs

Planning is underway for a follow-up meeting to address the training plans now through years 4 and 5. Notes from those discussions are available.


Pathways Project Pages

The EOT Supplement: Pathways to Broadening Participation in TeraGrid)

This is a joint effort among EOT, User Suport and Science Gateways. Information about the EOT supplement is available at http://www.teragridforum.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=EOT_Supplement_-_Pathways_for_Broadening_Participation_in_TeraGrid

TeraGrid 2009 Conference: EOT Summit Meeting


Campus Champions

Program to foster collaborations with campuses.

Campus Champion Program

Pathways to Broadening Participation in the TeraGrid (PBPTG)

EOT Supplement - Pathways for Broadening Participation in TeraGrid - Wiki Page

TeraGrid Futures - LWD

The TeraGrid Futures effort is posted at http://teragridfuture.org/node/190

TeraGrid EOT is leading an effort to develop a position paper on learning and workforce development (LWD). Below are ideas for consideration to be included in the document.

position paper discussions and draft document

TeraGrid and the HPC community in Social Media

These are just some of the videos on YouTube that I have found. Add more!






Add highlights here

SC11 Committee

SC11 Committee

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