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A number of campuses in the US have approached the leadership of TeraGrid expressing an interest in becoming affiliated with TeraGrid. The level of affiliation varies from just being able to get access to the TeraGrid (TG) resources from their respective campuses to adding resources to TeraGrid. There are many technical and support issues that must be addressed if TG is opened to other campuses outside of the Grid Infrastructure Group (GIG) and Resource Provider (RP) sites. In addition, there are a number of policy decisions that will need to be made partially based on the technical solutions and the level of integration that would be acceptable for campuses.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This program is under discussion in terms of feasibility, emphasis, resources required for success, and overall framework of the program. In some cases a TeraGrid program may be created; in other cases TeraGrid may join an existing program or partner with other initiatives to pursue the objectives resulting from these discussions

Policy and guidelines must be created that will allow campuses to “join” TG as users with or without contributing resources and without the commitments required to become an RP site. The policy and guidelines must also allow for scalability so that the addition of more campuses and resources will not put the TeraGrid at risk and create more work for the technical staff supporting TeraGrid.

The following programs for partnership have been suggested to date. These programs are under discussion in terms of feasibility as well as emphasis, and thus they have not yet been implemented. In some cases the recommendation of the RAT may be not to implement the potential program. In some cases the recommended program may differ significantly from the summary below. These are not meant to be exhaustive in scope or impact, but rather are intended to stimulate discussion that can lead to appropriate and meaningful partnerships for all parties. Each program has been assigned a lead who is currently serving on the TeraGrid Campus Partnership RAT and a suggested person from a campus or organization not affiliated with TeraGrid. The TeraGrid lead for each program is asked to form a sub-committee to evaluate all the issues and challenges associated with their respective program and report their results to Gary Bertoline and Scott Lathrop by October 16, 2006. The recommendations of the Campus Partnership RAT are to be completed by November 30, 2006.

Final Report

Final Report

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