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The Cyberinfrastructure User Advisory Committee (CUAC) advises the TeraGrid project on strategies and effectiveness of TeraGrid services and operations from an end-user perspecctive. Members of the CUAC serve for three-year terms. In April 2006 twelve members were selected based on nominations by TeraGrid participants (ESC, RPF, and others) and by NSF program officers from each of NSF's science directorates. Six of these members will serve for two-year terms; six will serve for three-year terms. In April 2007 an additional six members will be nominated for three-year terms.

CUAC Members

In the initial startup of the CUAC we have organized into three smaller discussion groups, each with a TeraGrid leader facilitating discussions. These groups have met multiple times by teleconference and expect to produce briefing for the TeraGrid team in 4q2006.

Current members of the CUAC, organized by group, are:


* Facilitator: Ralph Roskies


* Facilitator: Fran Berman


* Facilitator: Charlie Catlett

CUAC Reports

  • TG-8: CUAC Report, September 2006
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